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MUMPS in Manitoba

Please click here for more information from Manitoba Health.

Fentanyl - Parent Resources

Please click here for a parent guide on how to talk to you kids about the dangers of Fentanyl.
Please click[Link] here for a basic fact guide about the dangers of Fentanyl.
Please click here for an update on what you need to know about Fentanyl.

Bus Cancellation Procedures
Metro superintendents check the weather in the morning and make a determination as to whether or not buses are cancelled for the day in the Metro area. -45 degrees Celsius or colder (with windchill) and or severe snowstorms are a couple of the determining factors. Once a decision is made to cancel school buses, a synrevoice message will then be sent out to parents and principals. The news media is also alerted to cancellations and Division websites are updated to reflect any announcement. Parents of bussed students can then determine whether or not they want to send/drive their children to school.

Get The Shot Not The Flu

View or download a copy of the WRHA clinics offering FREE flu shots.  click here

Student Threat Assessment

View or download a copy View or download a copy of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division Student Threat Assessment.

Code of Conduct

View or download a copy of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division Code of Conduct.

Safe Schools

The staff at the St. James-Assiniboia School Division are dedicated to making our schools a safe place for students. The Safe School information sheet illustrates some of the challenges faced by students today and present some of the techniques we are employing to help students feel safe in our schools and in the community.   

1122005_91305_0.jpgWhat is Be Web Aware?
Be Web Aware is a national, bilingual public education program on Internet safety. The objective of everyone involved in this project is to ensure young Canadians benefit from the Internet, while being safe and responsible in their online activities.

The goal of the Be Web Aware initiative is two-fold:

1. Raise awareness amongst parents that there are safety issues when their children go online and that they need to get involved.
2. Provide practical information and tools that will equip parents to effectively manage Internet use in the home and to teach their kids to be Web savvy.

 Last Modified: 25 April,2017